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Professioneller Boosting Service

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    • Professioneller Boosting Service

      As the title is already saying , I am offering a proffesional Eloboost service. I am german , but the whole post will be in english so that everybody can understand the following.


      Purchasing this option means that I will login into your account and play ranked games.
      A Division Boost will guarantee the League and Division you've ordered.I will boost until you reach the League and Division that you've ordered.This is only available to players who get AT LEAST 12 LP per game. If your LP gain is or becomes lower than 12 you will need to pay a bonus to guarantee fair payment to me. If you've purchased a Division Boost, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to play any ranked Solo/Duo Queue games on your account until your boost is completed.


      10 games will decide your ranking.If you've played 1 game you can order 9 wins. I guarantee that I will win at least 7/10 games. This is an excellent boost option to ensure you have the highest ELO possible to begin your journey.


      This option is 100% safe, as it is allowed by Riot.
      Once u choose this option, you can arrange the time when you and me are able to play.

      About me

      I play League of Legends since Season 1. My current ranking (Season 7) is Challenger Soloq. I have been Challenger almost every Season since Season 4.
      I also play Teamranked like 5v5 and 3v3. My ranking in teamranked has always been Diamond 1 and higher.
      I play every day and as soon as you decided to buy an Eloboost I will finish it within 1-2 days ( depends on the Division you chose).
      The reason why I am only boosting from Bronze V - Diamond V is that those Divisions are the most easiest and they cost me literally no time. I can guarantee
      Bronze - Silver in 2 days , Silver - Gold in 2 days , Gold - Platinum in 3 days and Platinum - Diamond in 3-4 days.

      If you are interested into getting boosted by me , you can always contact me:

      "11 09 2001" League of Legends Summoner Name. This is a random Account only for chatting with my clients. I will not tell my main Account cause of reasons of safety.

      Just contact me and we will talk about everything.
      In general I take 10€ per Division. (Bronze-Platinum V)
      Everything above Plat V costs 15€ per Division.

      Thanks for reading :)
      Kind regards

      dont want to be anyone

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